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What is the proper way to shut off Nucleus? -
Do I need to go to the web app and power it off or can I just turn off the 19VDC linear power supply or battery power that I use?

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Shut it down gracefully from within the web portal.

Hi @Frank_Palm,

The easiest option is to shut it down via the Nucleus Web Administration Interface.

The easiest way is to switch a Nucleus off is to press the on/off button once. Or am I being simple? (There really is no need to answer that!) If the box is shoved somewhere you can’t reach it then that is when web interfaces come into their own.

@Henry_McLeod Henry, I use both methods (web interface and power button) to switch off my Nucleus. Question for you and others: the Nucleus guide says the following about the power button:

Press power button once to turn on the unit or to initiate a clean shutdown.
A dim white LED will be lit when the unit is powered on.
Hold the power button for 4 seconds to hard power off.

So, what’s the difference between a “clean shutdown” and a “hard power off”? Would a hard power off mean I have to re-run my Nucleus set-up for instance?

My Nucleus is powered via a linear power supply and sometimes by a Li-Ion battery pack. When I am ready to shut down (end of listening session or storms) the easiest method for me is turn off the LPS or battery which of course shuts down the Nucleus. I can open my browser, open the web interface, than shut it off and close the app and browser but that involves extra steps. The button on the back is accessible so maybe that is my best option. My concern is to not corrupt or harm the Nucleus so I don’t mind taking extra steps if necessary but if it makes no difference then I prefer the shortest method.
Any thoughts?

A clean shutdown means that the OS shuts all processes down gracefully before power is removed. A hard power off means that power is removed whilst the OS is still running - it’s the same as pulling the plug out whilst a PC is running. It’s the nuclear option, and should only be used if the device has got into a locked state. You shouldn’t have to re-run your set-up; but there’s always a chance that if you do it unnecessarily that you run the chance of corrupting the Roon database. Then you would need to restore a backup…

Push the power button - don’t just pull the power. Always a chance of database corruption if you just pull the power, I believe.

OK, that is what I’ll do going forward.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Geoff, thanks for the explanation. I’ll continue to either use the browser or a short tap of the rear button. Unless of course, something untoward happens! :grimacing:

Geoff answered. The nuclear option, hold for four seconds is the last viable option when all else fails. I can’t imagine too many people have had to use that option but the danger is if you do it (or just pull the power) while it is writing to the DB it’ll get corrupted. I don’t know if this sort of security is built into a normal Linux system but the commercial systems I work with do disk and file system checks when shutting down gracefully.

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