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Hi @support, I would like to know which is the source of the “Sibling of” / “Relative of” data in an artist page (Musicbrainz? Rovi?). Thank you so much.

Hi @Marco_Bisi - I’m not from support so I do not really know but my guess is that this kind of data comes from musicbrainz. I haven’t seen this on allmusic (who also source from rovi, I think). What I’ve seen at allmusic are the followed by / influenced by / similiar to relationships so those probably come from rovi.

Maybe a screenshot / some examples why it matters where the data comes from would help?

Thank for your reply!
This is an example I found here in the community!

I just noticed that for some artists in my library it doesn’t appear that information (example: Max Portnoy (American drummer) is the son of Mike Portnoy, another American drummer) and I just would like to know where I can add that information so that Roon can implement it.
The “Member of” information comes from AllMusic (and I already submitted for some artists in order to make it appear also in Roon), but I don’t know where the “relative of” comes from (for sure not from AllMusic).

You could simply try to add the relationship for one artist in musicbrainz and then wait a few days (between 2 and 4, I’d say). Maybe Roon picks it up - but maybe not. There’s no official guidance on what will be imported from musicbrainz and what won’t.

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Hi @Marco_Bisi & @ndrscr,

Currently, this data comes into Roon exclusively from Rovi. We don’t currently import this data from MusicBrainz but we are investigating doing so in the future.

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