Sign In Issues regarding roon's account and roon Community on iPhone's Safari

1.Firest issue regarding sign in in roon’s account.
I am currently using an iPhone 12 pro with operating system of 14.7. I have sign in problem to roon’s account on on iPhone’s Safari. After I opened the roon community webpage, a “sign in” box appeared on top of the page. After I hit the box, the webpage bring me to roon’s account sign in page. Here I need to refresh the page, otherwise after I sign in using FaceID, webpage showed Login Error-time out. However, if I refreshed the webpage before I singed in, I can sign in in successfully to roon. Why do I need to refresh the webpage before I sign in? This is the problem that I encounter only in roon’s account sign in.

2.Second issue regarding sign in in roon Community.
As I mentioned on the previous question above, I need to sign in to roon’s account before I can sign in room community. After I sing in roon’s account successfully, I opt the roon community section on the top right corner, the webpage brign me to the roon community page with " sign in " box appeared on the top of the webpage. In other words, I was logged out automatically. I recalled that I can seccessfully log in roon community yersterday, however, I can not do so today. This issue I did not encouter on Window’s PC’s Chrome browser as I can raise these issues right now. On PC’ s Chrome, eachtime I open the webpage of roon community, the webpage showed that I am already logged in. How conveniently it is.

Can someone show me how to solve these issue? Otherwise I can not have access to roon community by using iPhone. How inconveniently it is!

However, I just found out that if I hit the “Visit Topic” in the email from roon community, I can successfully have an access to roon community webpage directly with logging in already! How strange it is!

I despise Safari!
I installed DuckDuckGo on my iPad to avoid the silliness.

Never been logged out yet since doing so.

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Thanks for your reply and information sharing.
I jus opened roon community webpage on Safari using iPad. You know what, I can have an access to the roon community webpage directly with logging in already. It is beyond my knowledge that why in the world using the same browser-Safari, I can have different results if I want to browse roon community’s webpage? No wonder you despise Safari! But I wonder if it is the browser’s problem or roon’s logging in processes ?

Ha ha , I found myself the solution for my sign in/log in issue in using iPhone’s Safari to get access to roon community. The solution is to close the all opened pages remaining in Safari by continuing toggle a “pages” symbol at the bottom right side of iPhone’s screen before I can have an access to roon community. This morning after I closed all the pages that I still opened, 384 pages in total, then there was no request for my signing in/logging in roon community.

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