+ sign yet album is in my Library (1.8/790)

I’ve been listing to the excellent Qobuz playlist “Best of 192 kHz”. You will see from the screenshot that I’m playing Crowded House. Clicking the album name displays a version that it appears is not in my Library. There’s only one 192 version and it is definitely in my Library - see Overview screenshot.

On occasions clicking the album name takes me to the local version (mp3)!

You are listening to a Playlist of created from Albums NOT in your library, as you can see when you follow the link. That is presenting the Qobuz album, not your local album.

Crowded House on Qobuz is not the same album as Crowded House (your local file) in Roon. They are two distinct entities.


But the Qobuz album is in my library too.

Read this: What’s the difference between albums in my library and albums outside of my library?