Signal path 352.8-44.1kHZ

M1/8 GBs

Synology 920+/8 GBs ethernet/Surf soho

Hegel H390/ethernet/airplay


Why is roon converting 352.8kHZ to 44.1khz when the Hegel is designed to operate MQA/352.8kHZ/384kHZ ?

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 17.51.50

Because you’re streaming via Airplay which is limited to 44.1/16…

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If you are using AirPlay to connect, AirPlay is limited to 16-bit/44.1 kHz streaming signals.


Well that explains that. Now I have to figure out a work around if there is one.


The 390 is not Roon Ready…yet( if ever).
So airplay is best you are going to get.
Unless you use another external unit like a Rpi or similar.


That would be my advice. Use a RPi with Ropieee to the USB input of the Hegel…


A Pi as @AceRimmer suggested. It does not get any cheaper that that.

Get yourself a 2GB Raspberry Pi Model 4B and you’re sorted. Even has onboard wifi.

Unless you want to spend a bit more and get something like the Bluesound Node (latest model for USB out), iFi Zen Stream or Primare NP5 Mark 2. All of these have ethernet, wifi and do MQA.


If you can find one. 1GB should be enough BTW.

Thanks to all who responded…

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