Signal Path Cyrus Soundkey


I’m new to Roon and wondered if someone could explain what is happening during this signal path and how do I tell what quality I’m actually listening to as there are two components missing. I have a Cyrus Soundkey plugged into the laptop feeding Sony WH-1000 3X headphones.

Many Thanks

It’s downgrading everything as you have the output going through the system output.
What do you see in too settings, audio for the laptop?

Thanks, I was hoping using an external DAC would push the quality back up?

I’m sure it would but you don’t seem to have selected it. Do a screenshot as above.

Excuse my ignorance but how do I get back into set up to add another endpoint, I’m in settings and the thing I can see is set up Roon OS but that just keeps spinning. I assumed it would recognise what it was playing through…thanks

Ignore that, I found it in Audio and will test it when I get back. I also had my Sonos speakers set up via Airplay not streaming…

This sounds better…Thanks

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That’s better.

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