Signal Path for Lumin U1 mini - still shows old DAC [Solved]

I had my Lumin U1 mini connected to the S/pdif input on the TEAC NT-505 DAC/Streamer (I was using the TEAC as a DAC only, not streamer). Everything worked well, obviously not full MQA unfolding when using s/pdif but I could use the TEAC in streamer mode when I selected it as the source as I had it connected via ethernet also. MQA is not a concern.
The signal path for the Lumin showed the U1 mini and the TEAC.

I now have a Bryston BDA-3 DAC connected via s/pdif and the signal path still shows the TEAC NT-505 as connected, but it’s not even in the audio rack now.
Any ideas on how to remove the TEAC from the displayed signal path? It’s obviously being stored in some memory.

Figured it out myself. Disconnected the s/pdif cable, connected the U1 mini via USB, and problem solved. It removed the TEAC DAC and just shows the Lumin now. In the device setup, it detects the Bryson BDA3 while connected by USB.