Signal path help and device set-up

Hi there,

I am using a Mytek Liberty DAC fed by an Allo USBridge from my Core on a NUC via Ethernet. I am not 100% sure I have set up the device correctly. I have seen, on other threads, users with both their bridge and DAC on their signal path/device set-up, how would one go about doing that? I currently see an option to recognise the DAC but unfortunately Roon does not yet have the Liberty if I try to ‘identify the device’. I could recognise the end point as the USBridge instead but then I cannot see an option to add the DAC. Is there a way to recognise both?

Secondly, I have also seen, again, on other threads, there may be a way to recognise the Liberty decoding/rendering in the signal path? Something which I currently do not see - see below. I assume this step would be between DietPI and Liberty DAC.

Thanks for any help.

Anyone any thoughts?

It seems no one responded and I have the same question, but with a different DAC. I can’t see the path past Allo USBridge. The response I received is that everything worked as supposed, but still don’t know how the last i=unfold is being done.

Processing like decoding and rendering and up- or downsampling are shown in the signal path if Roon does it. In both of these examples, the signal path shows that Roon is sending a good data stream to the DAC. What the DAC does with it you have to ask the DAC, many have an indicator light showing if the recognize and decode or render MQA. But Roon doesn’t know.

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