Signal Path - Kef LS50 WII - Sample Rate Conversion

please have a look at the signal path.
source has already 88.2 kHz, interspeaker connection is wireless (though limited to 96 kHz)
why does it show a sample rate conversion from 44.1 kHz (??) to 96 kHz (= correct) ?

i tried that also with other sources > 44.1 kHz, same behaviour.

That’s weird… Here’s me with cable mode on and off:

thanks for sharing.

can you please try that with a local file (not streaming)?
(i have tidal hifi, not hifi master - this does not help in this case)

maybe ben @Ben_Hagens can help?

Not something I’ve come across, and I get exactly what René has.

Either ways, LS50WII doesn’t downsample anything to 44.1kHz. Any downsampling is carried out purely in line with the interspeaker connection type. I’d try rebooting your Core.

thanks ben

i rebooted roon already yesterday > same effect.
the question is: is it something with roon or kef?
any log which could help?

If you can recreate, and then immediately send a log in the KEF Connect app, then our app guys can have a look, but as we’ve not changed anything on our end (to my knowledge) in regards to Roon, I think raising with @support would be useful as well.

thanks, i’m off these days and will come back about that.
i will also ask support.

I might be missing something, but isn’t this the expected behaviour when you’re using wireless to connect the speakers?

@DaveN the interspeaker wireless connection is limited to 96 kHz, but there is no need to downsample something which is already better than 44.1 kHz

i’ve just seen that KEF provides an new firmware update since Dec 6th 2021.
With version 2.2 the behaviour is as expected, no downsampling.

thanks for your comments @Ben_Hagens @RBM

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I also have this strange behaviour in the signal path with my LS50 W II set.

Did a reset and now the signal processing works as it should.