Signal path link to Arcam and Denon not working


clicking the blue icon brings up a blank “404 - Not Found” web page. So basically that link is not alive

I also noticed from various print screens I’ve seen across this forum that several devices have a custom icon.

Will other brands/devices eg Arcam, Denon, etc be added?..and will these blue button links in the signal chain be updated to show correct webpage ?


Hello @stevev1, thanks for the report and apologies for inconveniences. We will fix it. Good catch.

Happy Holidays :tada::tada::tada:

They will once/if they become Roon Certified.

The link being shown there is an bug.

What’s Roon certified? These are major hifi brands.
I can understand that not every dac/music streamer can have it’s own icon and can not have a link to it’s webpage. But surely linking to denon’s webpage should be possible.

Certification involves Roon in-home testing Roon compatibility for the best sound possible.

We only put links to manuals for products we have done that testing with, and have gotten the rights for artwork and logos for. If the logos and artwork have permissible usage rights, we will bypass that check, but we still need to do the testing. Otherwise it’s yet another device out there.

Roon will still work with major and minor hifi brands, but those brands will not get “special” treatment until that relationship is made and the testing work is done. As you can imagine, this costs our dev team time and money to implement. 1 logo for your Denon is cheap, but there are thousands of devices out there.

I understand that it is an enormous task…
How about making it possible for the user to add a custom icon (ICO/PNG) ?
I don’t care about the weblink…google will do :grinning:

created this in PS … Would love to add it for real :smile:

Same error page is shown on the new ipad version. This is not fixed yet.

Regarding the icon. I’ve not received an answer to my sugestion to have the possiblity to add custom icons. I think this would be a nice feature as we can’t expect Roon to create an icon for every dac,streamer,amp out there


Remember the currently released iPad version was sent to Apple for review just before Christmas… It is fixed, but the fixes will appear in the next public builds.

The error is that ifnyou click the blue speaker icon in signal path you are taken to this webpage: “

That is a webpage hosted by Roon but it returns an error.

I know. It’s taken care of for next release.

Ok so the problem,is not a bad webpage -link ? So what’s the fix?

No links for products that are not certified – see Danny’s explanation above.

I like your little Arcam logo though. But then again, I’m used to seeing this for some months now:

So no fix :). OK
The icon I made is not real! I’d love to add it to Roon but it’s just a photoshop creation I made to show what I meant.
Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Not linking to non-existing webpages sounds like a fix to me… :wink:

Anyway – I like your idea of custom icons (or a small selection to choose from for the not so graphically minded) – the generic speaker gets boring over time. Having a Meridian endpoint means I’ve been blessed with a bespoke icon for some time now.

The link is a non issue really. i don’t really mind just wanted to point out it was still giving an error.

Having the option to add an icon is far more important to me as I always see the speaker icon… I either stream to a Denon DNP 720 (not roon certified but from a MAJOR hifi brand) or usb connected dac (Arcam …again not roon certified)
Even when I select the internal speakers of my macbook pro I get the generic icon. So a macbook pro is also not Roon certified…
Only when I select an apple tv do I see a custom icon! Well I never use the apple tv for audio… :flushed:

So in day to day use I only see this generic speaker icon… An option to change (or even hide completely) would be very welcome