Signal path - Low quality

Core Machine

Innuos ZEN Mini MK3

Network Details

Cable / lGigabit LAN / Negear

Audio Devices

Bluesound Node 2i / Pulse Flex2i

Description of Issue

Signal path - Low quality
What does it exactly mean? All (!) devices are working over LAN.



May well depend on the quality you feed. Are you playing mp3 files?

Thanks a lot.

It comes from Tidal only :slight_smile:

may be, i should canel my subscription and use bluOS only (node2i) with Tidal

Can you share a screenshot of the signal path?

You can find some documentation here:

It might also be helpful if you could post a screenshot of your signal path.

Have you configured the Tidal service on Roon for high quality streaming?

Menu → Settings → Services

I have only the option Hight + Normal

High is active

If you have a HiFi plan on Tidal, you should have HiFi and Master options in Roon. HiFi will give you 44.1/16 PCM and Master MQA… Without that I believe streaming is limited to AAC which will show up in Roon’s signal path as low quality.

Sorry, I’d assumed that this was a new problem. Instead, am I right in thinking that your Tidal signal path has always shown up as “Low Quality”?

If that’s the case then @Andreas_Philipp1’s answer sounds like the right one. You’d need to check your Tidal subscription and upgrade if you want Hi-Fi or Masters options

Oh my.

Do you mean that the wording Low Quality does not mean what it means in the usual spontaneous use?
One could actually also indicate how this is to be clearly understood, as on good websites. I write
Low Quality = Normal and High
Best /Full Quality = Hifi and Master

Ha ah… now we are talking
And I’m nibbling away at my network here.

I think usability is not really well done. This could be improved

Thank you very much and sorry for the "excitement

You’re quite correct and this does cause some confusion. Rather than “Low Quality” is has been suggested that Roon should use a different term, particularly when Tidal uses “Normal” and “High” to describe the same thing.

That is exactly what I want to say.
It always reminds me of Serif’s software. Affinity Photo, Designer, etc. Want to be like the programs from Adobe, offer really great features. But too confused and much bad umgestzt (user unfriendly)
And - consulting resitent

Instead of “low quality” they could identify Lossy vs. Lossless source.

But, yes, any lossy file format (except MQA for some reason :wink: ) is tagged as “low quality” by the Signal Path. And, honestly, I have to agree with the Signal Path here. Lossy CODECs are Low quality Roon / playback experience.

I agree that Lossy would probably be better, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. Like you say, it’s still lower quality (in terms of resolution) than flac.

I suppose that the confusion is generated by the fact that companies (e.g. Tidal) don’t want to label any of their products as “low quality”, so the lowest quality is labelled as “normal”.

It reminds me of asking for a small Cappuccino in Starbucks when they first came over to the UK. I was told that they didn’t serve small coffees, only regular size and bigger. I then asked if the regular size was fairly small. The assistant replied “yes, it’s really small”. I managed to smile politely and remember that, in the new age, small things are not small, they’re regular.

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Guess, it also has to do with users often not consulting available documentation…
A simple search for “low quality signal path” in Roon’s Knowledge base gave the following result - it’s been at your fingertips…

A small coffee at Starbucks is called a doppio. :slight_smile:

I don’t think Roon needs to expose the Tidal terminology for things beyond the services screen when you set-up your login. The “low quality” path makes it consistent for all source files since many people have a mix of local file types. Roon knows the source file, regardless of where the file came from, and applies a consistent path to it. I like that.

You’re quite right. I should have been more accurate. What I meant to say is that Starbucks don’t serve small cappuccinos.

They do serve small coffees.

Apologies for veering off topic. I shall refrain from further coffee references. :slightly_smiling_face:


You are not wrong. But I don’t like this topic at all :slight_smile:

If this is the right way, we almost don’t need forums. Just read it. Then it will work out
You forget perhaps, that many people already have manisfestierte experiences / habits

They go to a hotel and the room door does not open. No handle. Chip card? Yes, they forgot to give you one. But you could have asked …

Anyway. It’s the first (!) impression that counts. Then you try to compare it with your experience. Does not fit - ask. That goes faster. :wink:
You know exactly what I mean, I hope.

OK, end of story for me. Got it

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