Signal path not shown correctly Devialet SAM is not shown when enabled but set to 0%

Don‘t know exactly since what release this started, but there is a bug in the integration with Devialet:

  • SAM is not shown correctly in the music path information when the setting is ON and with 0% (when there is still phase correction by Devialet)

SAM setting 0% (but still turned ON)

SAM bigger than zero

@support Checking back with other Devialet users, they also confirm this.

Devialet SAM mainly does two separate things to the signal going to the loudspeaker. A permanent (non-adjustable) phase response correction and an adjustable bass extension (works like an equaliser, but is more than that as SAM also monitors drive unit excursion). The bass extension is the percent value displayed and can be set at any value between 0% and 100%. Even if SAM is set to 0% the phase correction is still active so SAM should stay visible in the Signal path.

EDIT: drive unit protection and also a high pass filter restricting output below 20Hz is said to be part of the permanent actions of SAM.

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Hi everyone,

We’ve reached out to Devialet about this behavior. They agreed that the SAM element should still be shown when it is set to 0%. Since the Signal Path is controlled by the device itself, they will get this change implemented in a future Expert Pro firmware update.



Hi John, thank you very much in the name of all Devialet users! Were you able to get some more information also on when that new firmware version/update is coming?

Hi @Markus_Hubner,

I was not given an ETA for the firmware release.


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