Signal Path: Output is incorrect [Resolved]

Been a few weeks since I last fired up ROON, but I noticed that the Output now shows as “Devialet AIR”, which I don’t have. I use ROCK on a NUC, and I believe output used to show as Roon Optimized Core Kit.

Probably makes no difference in terms of sound etc but it would be nice if it were correct.

screenshot of entire signal path popup? are you using english or another language?

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Wow, Danny, thanks for that lightning reply. Much appreciated.

Thanks for the screenshot @jon_michaels, very appreciated!

Can you confirm that all of your devices are currently running the most recent version of Roon? If they happen to not be would you kindly update and then share another screenshot of the signal path.


I’m not entirely sure. When I go to “About”, the client software/remote says it’s up to date, but the server never gets past “checking for updates”. Have tried a few times but gets stuck there and never returns an answer.

Ok I rebooted the ROCK and it’s now downloading the latest version. Will check the signal path again after and update the thread. thanks again!

After update to latest s/w it now shows “KEF” as Output. Guess that’s right (not sure why I was remembering “ROCK”).


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