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Apple TV AirPlay Streaming
Red Dragonfly DAC

Description Of Issue
I recently added a Red Dragonfly DAC and signed up for Qobuz.

When I check Signal Path, this is the thread:

Source Qobuz FLAC > Bit Depth Conversion 16bit to 64 bit Float > Volume Leveling +0.1 db > Bit Depth Coversion 64bit Float to 16bit > Apple TV AirPlay Streaming.

Not sure I’m getting best quality. Source signal is purple but at the end of the thread, it’s green. Should it be purple all the way to output?

Thank you

Airplay is the problem.


Get rid of the Apple TV.

Ok, so ditch Apple TV and get a network player? Speakers are powered by Integra A.V. receiver. Does it even hook up to the receiver?
I’m really enjoying the streaming experience but know I’m not taking full advantage. I’ve been napping since CDs were it.

Similar signal path to when listening to Roon on an iPhone. So why can’t Apple just bite the bullet and support direct playback of flac?

If one were to use Apple lossless encoding would the signal path still be similar, i.e. High Quality

I have plenty of ALAC files. They come in the same way

Thanks for the answer. That’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure.

If your AV receiver has a spare HDMI input pick up a Google Chromecast and use that as a Roon endpoint. While Chromecast is not a full RAAT device, it is still a big step up from Apple TV.

Thank you.
if the sound quality will be discernible, I’m willing to shell out a few grand for a streamer.


only you can say.

Well then pick up a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra, a nice little Roon Ready, full RAAT endpoint with several digital outputs and under a grand: Stream Box

The Dragonfly Red should show 24/96 , you don’t have a picture of that

How about a RPi and USB to your Red ?

With Tidal you will get full MQA playback

“Little” is the word. I was walking down the street on one of my work trips to Zürich last week and saw it in an audio store’s window, it’s teeny. For less $$$: Needs a wifi add-on if you can’t go wired, though.

There are plenty of less expensive Roon endpoints, some Roon Ready and some not (Chromecast, SqueezeBox devices) but the Pro-ject Stream Box S2 Ultra is easy to set up and works great. And it’s less than $1000.

You are tempting me :wink: Nah, my old USBridge with Sbooster LPS is doing a great job, avast upgraditis!

That’s hard to do while being an active member of on the Roon Community :rofl:

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The Bluesound Node 2i delivers a lot of value for about $550 (for a Roon-ready endpoint/streamer with built-in DAC). Some nice NAD or Cambridge Audio products go for 2x to 3x that amount, or so. The Sonore ultraRendu plus a power supply should go for under $1500.

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