Signal path sampleconversion while filter sampleconversion is disabled

Roon Core Machine

DS420+ DSM 6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

NAS DS420+, Chromecast Ultra - via HDMI to Sony receiver STR-DN1080

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Description of Issue

Please explain to me whats happning with the signal. High quality signal path.
In the device settings i disabled filters and setting No MQA support. So the samplefrequentie is disbaled.
In de path i see samplefrequentie conversion 192khz to 48 khz. Why not passtrough 192 khz.
After that there is bit-depth conversion 64 bit Float to 24 bit. Why is that.
After that the signal goes to my Chromecast ultra. Finaly tot the endpoint receiver STR-DN1080.

Down-sample for compatibility reasons is always active. The ChromeCast Ultra is limited to 48kHz max. sample frequency.


Clear to me. I am considering to buy the Google Chromecast 4K met Google TV .
That fChromecast support DTS. So my receiver can handle this DTS.
Do you know what the behaviour in Room is for the Google Chromecast 4k with Google TV?
Is there also a limitation?

Yes all video Chromecasts support 48/24 max for stereo audio, TVs are no exception. The only Chromecast capable of higher is the now end of line CCA. Other Chromecast devices have to advertise there hires capabilities using a specific token that only Roon seems to care about so you won’t get hires on pretty much most Chromecast implementations as no one uses this token that I have found.

I don’t know where you get that information from. I already linked you the official specification for the GoogleCast protocol in your thread from yesterday. Nowhere is DTS pass-through or audio above 48kHz (with the exception of the 96kHz for devices that correctly implement the HighRes-flag [so far the ChromeCast Audio is the only one I know of]) mentioned and AFAIK is GoogleCast the protocol that Roon has implemented. What a ChromeCast plug can do when acting as a player, possibly in combination with selected (3rd-party) services only, is irrelevant for Roon.

Sorry if i am wrong about the DTS.
I based my issue on the next page: (I know think it is better to place my question to the google community)

Chromecast with Google TV review | TechRadar

There is the following description:
Speaking of, the Chromecast with Google TV can stream in 1080p or 4K HDR with support for the HDR10+ and Dolby Vision formats - all of which we’d recommend testing out at some point as they look downright great. For audiophiles, the new Chromecast supports DTS, Dolby Audio, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos formats, but like the HDR formats you’ll need a compatible TV and/or sound system to actually hear them.

Why has a sample rate conversion question suddenly shifted to a DTS compatibility debate?


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