Signal path Tidal vs. Qobuz

I recently started a trial on Qobuz, and noticed that on some tracks Roon does some kind of sample rate conversion. I’m not really familiar with this, so could someone explain what’s happening here? And does it make any difference?

I’m assuming here that your audio endpoint is set to support 16/44.1 max so it downsamples to support that device (The Qobuz track is 24/88.2 vs. Tidal’s 16/44.1).

What do the settings look like Settings → Audio → Device? Click advanced for full config.

Max bits per sample is set to 24.

The device manual says USB input is 24-bit 44.1 / 48 kHz, so probably that’s the reason then. It’s connected through USB to Rock.

Yes, USB can exchange capabilities of the DAC so Roon automagically did the best it could here as part of that exchange.