Signalyst and HQPlayer logos

Admittedly a silly ““issue”” but any ideas why I don’t see the pretty Signalyst and HQPlayer logos?


If I go to edit HQPlayer settings there is another blank square which I assume is also missing the logo image for some reason.

Hey @arrrgh,

When using HQ Player with Roon, HQPlayer filter settings can be adjusted from within HQPlayer (not Roon), More details on this integration can be found here:


I think he’s reporting an issue with this, not audio performance



Yup! Based on screenshots I should see some pretty logos there instead of blank squares :smiley:

I tried clearing the image cache through Roon settings which forces the logos to reload (I see the color change slightly the first time I open the flyout) but still no logos for me.

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I think you’re right on the spot, @dabassgoesboomboom - thanks!

I appreciate you following up to confirm, @arrrgh. I’m taking this to our technical team, but, since they’re only returning to work on Monday, I was wondering if you could try disabling the HQ player, rebooting your Roon Core and enabling it again :nerd_face: