Signing into TIDAL fails

Roon Core Machine

I have my Roon core on Nucleus. I use my iMac and iPad as remote

Networking Gear & Setup Details

My iMac is connected via ethernet, my iPad via WiFI

Connected Audio Devices

I have a Chord 2Qute DAC connected via USB to the Nucleus.

Number of Tracks in Library

15270 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon cannot sign in into Tidal neither on the iMac or the iPad. I can stream via live radio and Qobus. On my iMac and iPad I have acces to Tidal and can stream.

Reboot your Roon Core and try logging into Tidal again.

Logged out from Nucleus Roon Core and logged in again without result

I meant that you need to reboot your Nucleus. Use the Web UI and select the Power icon and click Reboot.

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I did reboot and now both Tidal and Qobuz are signed in. I recovered my ripped CD collection, but not the all Tidal and Qobuz albums in my library. No problem: I do find them on Tidal and Qobuz directly.
Thanks for helping!


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