SIlent and a little OTT

Built my first ROCK server last week and have to say it’s a cracking bit of kit.
Board is a bit OTT (Intel DH67CF with an i3-2120T 35w), Akasa Euler MX Fanless casework.
I had to drill and tap new holes for the thermal block which provides heat xfer between the CPU and Casework as the chassis wasn’t designed for that particular mainboard.
120GB SSD for the OS and a 1TB SSD for storage.
Wanted something silent and that wouldn’t look out of place in a hifi setup. Goal Unlocked !!

Looks great. How big is your collection? 1TB would not be enough for me.

Main collection is on a NAS on the network, about 7TB or so. Doesn’t appear to have any problems streaming from it as it’s Gigabit to Edge.