Silent Roon server

I was wondering if there may be a few Roon members using the latest rugged (silent) Intel chassis and U series compute cards as a silent Roon server.

Rugged case

U series Nuc 8 compute models:

Looks like a perfect silent option.
OS could be Linux+ Roon, or Roon server (potentially).

Stephen not sure about the compute elements themselves, but the Nuc 11s are not compatible (at this time) with Rock but the 10s and below are.

They will work perfectly with other Linux distributions like Ubuntu server which would also make a good choice.

I am running a Nuc 10 (i5) in a silent case and I am very happy with it, enough power to run several streams with upscaling and excellent reliability.
Before that I had a Nuc 7 which was also good and now runs Ubuntu

Yeah I was aware of the Gen 11 issue.
I would probably run Ubuntu.

Ok cool, I have never seen the compute module. How does it get Ethernet etc?
Is is s riser board or a cable connected board.
Could be an interesting future project.

I did enjoy building the current one but it only took an hour and should last several years :grinning:

This motherboard accepts the compute module, and provides all connectivity.

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Thanks that was the part I was missing.
Interesting idea, wonder if it will take off.
Seems that the compute modules look quite expensive already.
But it’s a good concept if they get it right and iterate over time.
I think it would be great in a nice Akasa case to make it a bit of an Art Deco display