Silly almost Noob question about Roon setup

Hi, I’ve been a Roon user from pretty much day one of it’s release but just need some help
I’ve just swapped my Roon server from windows 7 then to 10 and now to Ubuntu server and I’m sure I’m right but could just do with some reassurance
My music is stored on a NAS all flac or wav
My Roon is now a Linux server and I had to do some work to get the ffmpeg and ALSA installed
It then out puts over the network to a Raspi with an allo digi one as transport, then out over a coax cable with BNC connectors into a Chordette 2Qute then into a Meridian Pre and Power
As the Linux box needed ffmpeg and ALSA instaling I’m wondering does it have any effect on the music? In my head I’m thinking no, but I’d love it to be confirmed. The server just selects

ALSA is the linux sound architecture (similar to WASAPI / ASIO) in Windows. With Roon it’s only used if there are devices connected directly to the core (e.g. a USB DAC). In you case it’s not being used.

ffmpeg is needed for format conversion and it’s primarily used for things like unpacking mp3 and AAC files. Everything is still just data at that point so there’s no impact on sound.

Everything should sound exactly the same as it did before in your setup.

thanks, I was pretty sure It wouldn’t impact on the sound but I just needed someone to tell me. If you know can you explain why Roon server on Linux require those?

There’s no standard collection of packages for Linux and it’s up to the individual distribution (or person installing it) to determine which packages are standard and not. A lot of systems (especially those not destined to be desktops) don’t have these installed, whereas this functionality is standard on Windows and Mac.