Simaudio Moon Mind 180

Hello. I’m brand new to Roon, but liking what I’ve found so far.

However, I’m lost when it comes to how to make Roon Server work with my particular audiophile setup.

Here’s the layout:

Roon Server running on QNAP NAS (runs fine)

HiRes FLAC tracks also on NAS

Simaudio Moon Mind 180

Benchmark DAC One

Audio Research LS-17 Preamp

Audio Research 300.2 Amp

B&W flooring standing speakers

Is there any way to get the Simaudio Mind 180 working with my Roon Server?

Cables? Interfaces? Hardware?

Like many of the rest of us, I don’t have a fortune to spend on this solution.

I’ve read some related posts on this site, but am still a bit lost.

Thanks for any assistance.

Hello @Bill_J,

In order for the Simaudio Moon MiND 180 to function as a Roon Ready networked endpoint, you must upgrade the streaming module to the MiND 2 platform. I would recommend you contact your local Simaudio dealer to learn more about the upgrade.

If you decide to go a different route, there are many Roon Ready networked endpoints available that will provide similar functionality along with Roon Ready streaming, including the new Simaudio Moon MiND 2 network player. We now have over 50 partners making Roon Ready products with offerings at nearly every price point, you can learn more out our Roon Labs partners page. You can also see the current list of Roon Ready products on our Knowledge Base.


I did as you mentioned and upgraded my Moon Mind 180. The sound is terrific, and having Roon right at hand has made this well worth it. Thanks!

Do you mind me asking how much this cost? Thanks,

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