Simaudio’s MOON 390 Pre-amp

Posted mostly because of the following comment about Amazon HD.

“We are currently in discussions for developing the partnership with Amazon to integrate their Music HD Service within the MiND 2 ecosystem. It is looking well, however, we have no release date as of now.”

Thanks for the link. I have a SimAudio preamp and power amp - both are built like tanks, they are super reliable and, most importantly, both sound great. The Moon 390 is really a forward thinking product and is #1 on my upgrade wish list.

By the way, the Moon 390 would replace four units in my audio rack:

  1. the Grado phono preamp
  2. the Squeezebox Transporter
    3 & 4) the Sim Audio Celeste preamp and separate power supply

Hey wait a minute, if I do get the Moon 390 then my audio rack will look rather bare! :laughing: