Simple add to queue from all browsing locations

I have really gotten my system rolling. I have audio simulcasting to 3 rooms in the house and outside around the pool! To make things great I picked up an ipad for each of the areas so people could always control Roon. I have now had a few parties and Roon is getting rave reviews. The main complaint is always the same, people are accidentally changing the music when they mean to just add it to the queue. Remember the old days when people would add records to the back of the stack and when one record ended someone would just pop the next record on the player? Queue should be that easy. No one gets the long click so they try a few times and then hit the play arrow thinking that must do something useful and it starts their track and half the crowd goes WTF and the other half cheers on the new track. With such a powerful browsing capability building a play queue has to be more intuitive! how about swipe right:-)

You should open settings and configure the Play Actions to something more suitable to your needs then:

For example: Disable the interrupting Play Now and Play From Here and any other play action that should not be used; use Queue as One Click Action (the default action that’s being used) by dragging it to the top.

You can change the behavior of the arrow to mean add to the end of the queue.
Settings/Play Actions
Change it for each of the actions, in case one of your guests has managed to navigate to some unusual place.
The regular Play function is still available under the button.
And you can easily change it back.