Simple database/library migration question

I’ve been running Roon on a Mac Mini.

I’m now putting together a new NUC, with an internal HD.

I read the database migration guide, and the importing music guide.

I have a couple of questions about this process.

  1. Can I migrate the database and then copy/import my music library over?

The database would have a bunch of references to non-existent music, until the music library is imported - is that ok?

  1. Do I have to keep the pathnames of my music library intact?

Eg my music is currently stored under “/Volumes/Media/iTunes Media/Music/…” (That’s where I tell Roon to look for music.) Do I just need to keep the hierarchy under that point intact?


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Hi Jim,
I’m just about to do the same. Did it work for you and would you have a step by step help sheet. I’m not too computer savvy. Cheers

I don’t have a help sheet, sorry. It worked, although I’m not sure that I didn’t register duplicates with the new volume location. In practice the library works fine.

There is a FAQ on migration that might help.

Unfortunately the FAQ you site is for migrating to a new Core not changing the DB location only.

I recently moved my database on a NAS to an external USB SSD connected to my SonicTransporter. I followed the instructions and first disconnected the old NAS location then changed the location to the new SSD. It could not have been easier nor swifter.

Copy the content first, then move your database and when you boot up, change the location of the storage location in Roon. Do not delete/recreate the settings instead, edit it.

No, but it may cause albumization if you rearrange loose files that failed identification.

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I changed my Roon core from one computer to another and followed the Roon Knowledge Base article on Migration (as linked to above) and everything worked perfectly. And I have a very large music library with well over 500K tracks, all flac and all local i.e. not Tidal or Qobuz, on external USB hard drives. Roon along with the database and music all restored to same state as before the move.

Hopefully your move will go just as smoothly. Good luck!