Simple Hardware Setup Question

I have a den with a good 5.1 setup, fed by an ApplePi/Rpi endpoint to a MRX receiver. No problems here.

I also have, in the same physical cabinet, two Sonos CONNECT-AMPs that feed two sets of wall/ceiling speakers. These are strictly for background casual listening. No problem here either except that they won’t group with the den setup.

I would really like the Patio speakers to group with the Den setup since they are adjacent.

So, how can I group Den and Patio (don’t care about the third pair now) so they play in sync? Again, the Patio speakers don’t require any more quality than Sonos puts out, but they won’t group with the Den.


You can only group Sonos with Sonos so sorry you are outta luck :confused:

Yeah, got that much, Tony. I can leave the Living Room Sonos setup as is (no real need to sync). And the Den is fine as is.

So, I guess my question involves getting a low-end Sonos Connect-Amp replacement that will sync with the Den. It would have to be a combo dac/amp/endpoint.

Is the Bluesound Powernode overkill (size and price) for your needs? It’s a combo DAC/amp/RoonReady:

Bluesound have these combo DAC/amp/RoonReady/speaker combo’s too:

There are Raspberry Pi based solutions too but very much DIY in terms of OS setup and maybe ongoing maintenance (updates). The Bluesound gear is bullet proof in terms of reliability (from my experience, not expertise).

Maybe something like this? It comes fully assembled and is a good price.

Yesss! I think that could be a winner Tony. And, while the Bluesound would work as well or better, Sean, the price point is a bit high, particularly for the speakers and intended use.

Thanks everyone.

I thought so John, which is why I mentioned price too.

I did also mention the DIY Pi’s but not everyone is comfortable with the DIY route. But I saw you’re already a pro with setting up an RPi endpoint (not everyone is) so the Allo suggestion will be a walk in the park for you and save you some coin.