Simple LS50W setup alongside other end points?

I’m looking to build a simple Roon system, and think the LS50W could be nice for my main listening system, as it’s incredible sound-for-the-buck value (apparently!).

Only thing is, I’d want to group them with other zones using on RPi DAC + Amp.

Because the LS50 Roon implementation has it’s own buffering etc and doesn’t play well with others, would I be best of using an RPi Digi+ or similar to feed into the LS50W? Would this play nicely in sync with other RPi zones?



Do you really need syncing? Seems like a lot of money to spend in order to have that capability. I have the LS50W and never felt the need to sync with a device in another room. YMMV.

I use an RPi with dig+ pro running RoPieee and it works very well with my LS50W.
I threw on an 7" LCD for limited control and to see what’s playing to.


Thanks. You ever played alongside another zone?

It’s a fair point. I guess I’d like the option, mainly because the lounge joins tot the kitchen (thinking parties haha).

When you say it’s an expensive option, do you mean that it wastes the KEFs sonic abilities to play with other speakers in the background?

Think I’d need all 8 zones to be Blusound, which might blow the budget :slight_smile:

You need the Node 2 only to turn your LS50W’s into a RAAT zone so you can group them with other RAAT zones.

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That’s good to know, thanks.

When I say it’s an expensive option I mean that the LS50W is a stand alone system. It does not need anything else to make it a Roon end-point. By adding the RPi DAC you are essentially spending money for the once or twice you want to sync zones. It’s your money. I just wouldn’t go that route personally.

Ah I see. I could start without and see how it goes. Thanks.

I think that is a wise decision. I use mine as a stand alone zone. For the once or twice a year I want to group zones I just don’t.

I’ve got an old Sonos ZP80 which I connect optically to the LS50W if I’m multi-rooming. That’s one option.
I’ve heard the Raspberry Pi option is a cheap way to do multi-rooming?

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Sound quality is clearly better with the optical connection into the LS50 anyway… Have not tried a really good USB source yet.

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Yep, I group zones often. Works very well.

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I use an allo usbridge with my ls50wireless. I had to since I get severe static in speakers when I use them on the wifi/Ethernet input whenever I unlock my phone…weird, I know. Maybe it’s something to do with my router, I don’t know, but I am at the third pair that does this. Kef customer service was absolutely stellar.

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Yes, you can buy readymade Pi+DAC+Amps for around £150 and use these as Sonos alternatives, driven by Roon.

I’m tempted to do this and also feed some LS50W with a Pi Digi+ Or USBridge.

I do have a few Sonos so might start there, but the thought of buying 8 Sonos feels like overkill too, unless I want to stick with their software over Roon.