Simple playback controls on Apple Watch

Would love to control pause, play, next track, and previous track from Apple Watch. Thank you!


Great idea!

For me, the important controls would be just:

  • Play/pause
  • Volume up/down

I only want what the OP wants. Let’s keep it simple.

In terms of simplicity, mine would be just a single play/pause button with the crown used for volume.


I love the idea of this simplicity but can imagine the feature request just grow and grow as one thing is implemented. :joy:

I’d like to add my thumbs up to this request!


I suppose Force Touch could be used to pick a zone to keep the main screen simple.

Agreed, feature requests could certainly grow but that’s what the product backlog is for :slight_smile:

That would be awesome, just the simple controls would be immense.

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+1 for this - even if basically the same as other media players / radio apps.


Looked into this a little more and this is what we appear to have:

When and iPhone Roon zone is enabled, then the iOS notification center media controls control the local iPhone zone - and therefore media control are also available on an apple watch as a media player remote (accessible via large pink/red media dot on watch face at 12’o’clock).

I don’t know if it is possible on iOS (as notification center media control may be tied to opening iOS audio device for media playback), but if it is, it would be great if there was an option in Roon for the notification center media controls to control whatever the current zone is in the controller app instead of just the local iPhone zone. This way, you would get basic control from your watch always instead of only the local zone.

OTOH, if not possible, then its a much bigger job for Roon - they would need to write a watch kit app and also the watch face complications for new and old style watch faces to get the quick access from the watch face. Not a massive job (in its simplest form, it just acts as remote control for the iOS app, so all the complexity remains there), but certainly a lot more than a few lines of code that a media widget might be. I suspect the media widget approach is not possible however without claiming audio output as well.

Of course I would vote for apple watch becoming a full Roon controller and endpoint - not a bad player when paired with decent bluetooth headphones (I have my series 4 watch paired with Sony WH-1000XM2), but I don’t think that is currently possible until Apple open up the watch APIs a lot more.

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I have not paid attention to this, I don’t own an Apple Watch and I try to limit my gadget attachment.

But I recently read that Apple sells more watches, for more money, than Switzerland.

So I support it.


I have some control of pretty much everything controllable in the house via my apple watch and including Roon via the Harmony Watch Control app and Deep Harmony Roon extension, but I would much prefer a dedicated Roon app for the watch.
I may have a look at Homebridge as well to see if that can do anything useful via the Apple Home app which is on the watch.

+1 for this feature.

This makes total sense and really should be implemented (now that I have an Apple Watch) :slightly_smiling_face:


+1 please implement this feature:)

A dedicated roon app for Apple Watch would be awesome!


How about addressing some of the major shortfalls of Roon before putting the icing on the cake

Watch/ time is an illusion , lunchtime doubly so …

You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, Mike. And while I am very much a fan of Classical music like you - I see you’ve made a number of posts about the genre - others might argue that the feature requests you support are in fact the icing on the cake. Who’s to say who is right? I would like to suggest we focus on the merit of this feature request in its own right and let Roon set the priorities.


Fine, I’m handling my Classical needs in other ways due to my perceived shortfalls

Count me in!!! +1