Simple Thanks To ROON Team

Full disclosure, I’m not going to take the time to search out whether there is such a dedicated topic herein but rather want to send a simple heartfelt thank you to the ROON team for your efforts on a tremendous product.

I’ve played with ROON going back 3 years and since it’s official roll-out, always felt it would be an eventual product for me and/or my clients. I finally bought a year subscription last Dec. but even then only dabbled with its capabilities until this summer while building a music library for a client.

Most recently, I had the client’s friend call about securing his own turn-key ROON server. I decided a few weeks ago to test the SGC sonicTransporter i5 + UltraRendu. After working with Andrew, I pulled a pkg in and loaded up our near 700 CDs and my Tidal account.

It goes without saying but having the music library always on & available while freeing up a multipurpose PC is invaluable, not withstanding the improvements in AQ with this particular pkg.

So this morning, as another overall test, I (hesitantly) decided to demo ROON to my wife who could care less about “music server software”. Matter of fact, she didn’t even want to be troubled with downloading an app. Nonetheless I told her to download & open an app called ROON on her iPad Pro (BTW, I don’t care for Apple anything) and asked her to call me down after she had it, which she did. I then easily found our ST i5 on our network, selected her iPad as her zone, and immediately we/she was playing around with our closet full of 25+ yr old music CDs (again near 700) + available Tidal albums + ability to easily add a song and/or album.

Her smile was worth the investment.

So, just a simple note of thanks this Sunday to everyone involved in ROON’s tireless, no doubt, efforts and current product end result. Well done.


Sadly while wife will Use Roon she prefers Spotify for her streaming source so you cant please everyone.

While roon is everywhere in the house - the simple fact is that i have to cater to Spotify too.

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I always like these threads. Good products and teams should be recognised. Yes, its not free, no, it doesn’t work perfectly for everyone all the time, but lets face it, we are a demanding group. The support is fantastic, the community is knowledgable, helpful and generally good humoured, and the product is constantly evolving.

Im sure we have all had horrific experiences with software and support, and Roon has never felt this way. I’ve been in about 3 years (no lifetime membership, simply because the credit card monitor would get me…) but i wouldn’t trade Roon for anything. It has genuinely changed my relationship with music.

Enough said. Carry on.


I don’t have any specifics, no specific feature requests or complaints - I just love the experience of Roon. The way they upgrade software doesn’t disrupt me, the casual user, and only adds to the experience. Sometimes in a small way, sometimes larger, sometimes, I’m sure, not at all. It doesn’t matter to me - I’m glad to see it all moving forward, and as long as they don’t try to branch out into other media types, I’m a happy lifetime subscriber.