Simple Things. Please!

With all this hoo haa and fanciness of 2.0 well underway can we get some focus on simple things that Roon should be able to do. All this push to become the spotify overlay to qobuz (e.g. also generated playlists and suggestions). But I just want the simple things taken care of first. Like:

  • why is there not a one click solution to shuffle play all the hearted tracks from an artist. I want to reminisce about Groove Armada so why can’t I go to Groove Armada artist page and click one button to shuffle all the tracks i’ve hearted of them.

  • the home page, it’s terrible. Why isn’t there a button to immediately play a random album in full from start to finish?

  • why doesn’t the bookmark list order sync across all devices? And for that matter where are bookmarks in Arc? Why do Roon look so dimly on people who want to curate their own music these days?

  • while i’m at it why isn’t the release date order state saved in bookmarks. So I cna have the tag for all my hearted songs show in order from latest released at the top. Why do i forever have to be greated by #1 Dads, 2Pac and 10CC as they’re alphabetically first. It makes me hate seeing them and never play them.


Huh. I’ll say this. I’m all for what I call simple things: reliability, speed, consistency. I wish search worked on local library when offline. I would kill to have less lag sometimes, very occasionally. But what you’re asking for are not obviously to me simple things - they’re interesting ideas, but not obvious to me that everyone would want them. Not obvious to me I’d want them. I do wish Discover (which is what you’re asking for, a random album) were featured more highly and had trays to discover in other places. I wish you luck, but I’m not sure that having them bucketed together is going to get them the focus you’re obvsiouly hoping for.

??? This arc?

All good things too that i wish for. And i group them here not as a request but for discussion. I don’t hold much hope that they’ll be implemented as directionally Roon sems so far from it.

And thanks but Discover is still too much thought! Just want to be played an album, old school. If asked to select which to play i’ll always follow old biases, easy stuff. I want to be forced into something i may not normally listen to like a radio station - but not a mix, an album.

I cannot understand how this cannot be fitted in somewhere. I use the random album extension to achieve this and it’s probably my most used Roon extension. Worth looking at and maybe sending @Jan_Koudijs a coffee if you like it.


Yes it’s arc, it’s cleverly disguised as a tag to open it up.

Oh sorry my bad. I meant bookmarks not tags. Where are bookmarks in arc? And why is the bookmark order not the same on all devices. I have 100 tags so a list of them is useless and anyway only useful when combined into bookmarks. And then there are 40 bookmarks or so so having them ordered differently on each device is incredibly frustrating.

Thanks i’ve never used extensions. Maybe now’s the time.

About the bookmarks order: This one does not seem all that simple to me. I understand why you would want a synced order, but I do not necessarily, because on the phone I want my all-time favorites listed first in the bookmarks. However, on the laptop I want the bookmarks for current projects at the top. So, to combine the two needs, I think maybe it should be synced by default, but only until one changes the order manually. And there goes the simplicity :slight_smile:

I see you use case (one i hadn’t considered) but yes i would expect the deault to be the same on all devices.

I don’t use any of the features you are suggesting to be simple. We all use Roon differently
Personally I like the home page and love the existing suggestions of recommended albums below the album playing

That they missed out along with other stuff it make it out the door and not delay it any longer. At it to the feature request section it has been brought up before.

The links and wikipedia quality of Roon i’m not debating here. These are all very good.

I’ve been waiting for star ratings on individual tracks for at least five years.


Do you use tags as a proxy?