Simple time/frustration saving usability improvements

Roon is great and I use it a lot. 99% of the time I am playing one of 4 Live Radio stations or playing Albums sorted by Date Added with newest at the top. The number of steps needed to get to both of these seems excessive and could be made a lot less painful by:

  1. A “my Roon” page where you can place short cuts or direct links to play items such as radio stations or go to the Album page sorted as you wish. If you have not used the app in a user definable number of hours this page is what you are taken to when you open the app.
  2. User definable default sort parameters for Albums (Date Added newest first for example).
  3. The menu list on the left should be customisable so that it hides what you don’t use and is ordered as you would like.

This would make life a lot easier first thing in the morning. Instead of opening the app, clicking the menu bar, remembering I have to find " My Live Radio", scrolling down to find it and clicking it, clicking on the station I want then clicking “play now” I would simply open the app and click the shortcut to play the station I want. One click instead of many. This would save me 2000 CPA (Clicks Per Annum).

A short cut to list albums by date added newest at top would save me 500 CPA.

Have you used Bookmarks?

And the Overview page gives you your most recently added albums by default, if I understand you.

Wasn’t really aware of them. But I am now and they do seem to do a fair bit of what I need so thank you very much Martin. Probably saved me around 1250 CPA.

An option of a home page with those bookmarks displayed would be fantastic and very close to perfect.

I find the overview page a bit slow and busy but thank you for that suggestion as well.


Taking this idea further it would be mice to have “Bookmarks Page”, where the user can rearrange the layout of various bookmarks, and maybe each bookmark offers a preview, or at least a description of the underlying bookmark view - Sort of like the Live Tiles In the Windows 10 Start Page.

Currently the only way to access bookmarks is a long list of poorly sorted bookmark names - not very appealing, or user friendly, when you have a large list of bookmarks.

Manual sort is available in Bookmarks. Go to Bookmarks, Manage, click and drag the ‘hamburger’ menu (the three lines to the right) of the Bookmark you want to move…

Now don’t get me started on Playlists and the complete lack of love they’ve received in the past 3 years.

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Agree. I have a bookmark Home, first in my list, that does what I want.
I have raised the idea of having a few custom icons up top.

But in the meantime, my suggestion is
Don’t shut off the Roon app, or the iPad or laptop.
Ever. For any reason.
They go to sleep on their own, and don’t lose track of what they were doing.