Simple way to find albums without any TAG (empty TAG field)

Hi, I’m a newbie to Roon. I startet to TAG my albums to different categories.
Now I’m looking to find a simple way to find all albums I didn’t TAG. Equal to all albums that don’t have any TAG.
Any suggestion?

You can use focus in albums section, select all the tags then change them all to - by clicking on the + symbol for each tag. You can then save this as a bookmark so it can be used easily from there on in. It will then update each time you add a new album without a tag. You will need to update it if you create any new tags however and add them to it and resave it. There is no option to select just tag in focus and select - for it, which seems an oversight. One could put in a feature request for it.

If you do as CrystalGipsy says, just remember, if you create new tags you will need to update your bookmark with the new tags.

So as an aside, @CrystalGipsy, I do not have “tags” listed in Focus. I do not have a “tags” section in focus. What I have is an Icon on the “My Albums” page for tags:


When I click on the “tags” icon, I get a “Focus on tags” dialog box and there I can select the tags I want and then do what you said about negating the tags to show all albums without the tags. Is this how yours does it or am I missing something?

No tags icon on my phone no, don’t remember ever seeing one either. But it’s available on pc and likely tablet. So you can set focus up either way it’s the same thing.

Many thanks for your reply and explaining

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The buttons you see on your Roon screen depend on the device you use: actually on the size of your screen. Just turn your screen to landscape and you will see what I mean (ex. on a android phone, and on a small android tablet)

Roon app on phone doesn’t do landscape only portrait.

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Use a computer (ie not phone or tablet):
1 Select all your albums
2 Use menu (3 dots) - export - select Excel
The resulting Excel spreadsheet has a column showing your tags.