Simplified Roon Remote Access - No VPN

I’ve read most of the postings on this much-requested feature. It’s apparently on the list of future improvements.

The core server and remote apps should be made to communicate with each other over the Internet. That simple.

The VPN idea is kludgy and won’t work in many contexts. I don’t want a VPN, I want to listen to my music from the Rock while I’m traveling. Laptop, iPad, iPhone, and Android. I want all the enhancements Roon offers over jriver.

Jriver is accessible easily over the Internet. I am running a parallel jriver server strictly for remote access purposes. Wasteful of power and resources.

Roon should make this improvement the highest priority.

There may be some compromises regarding remote access, but right now it’s almost a deal killer for people on the move. Security issues are always present in any system connected to the Internet. There are reasonable step to mitigate the risks. The jriver approach isn’t bad at all. Nothing is bulletproof probably.

Let’s all join in and plead loudly!

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