Simplified UI For Ordinary Users?

Since Roon supports multiple user profiles, would it be possible to be able to have a simplified UI for the ordinary user? And by simplified, I mean no edit buttons or file info buttons that reveal detailed technical info.

I suspect in many families there will be one person who acts as the curator/librarian of the collection. That person needs to have full access to metadata editing and detailed technical info. The other family members might just want to browse/play music, and be glad of fewer buttons…


Yup. Like that.

Good point. This is related to this thread.

This would also be useful for the technically challenged. I set up a roon system for my parents (who are well into their 80’s). They love having so much music accessible, but really struggle with the UI. Functionally, this would probably not be very different from the points made in the thread sm31 points to.

Perhaps the phone apps will fit the bill.