Simplify method of sharing ‘What we are listening to’

Firstly, at the time of writing this Imgur is broken and doesn’t display the album art as normal when sharing.

The process either way is long winded compared to other apps. Example can be found here - Simplify method of sharing ‘What we are listening to’ - #17 by Menzies

Could Roon look into simplifying the share process.

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Same issue for me.

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I was feeling lonely :face_holding_back_tears:

Glad not just me :upside_down_face:

Just not glad it’s happening :sob:

I’ve resorted to “Save image to OneDrive”. Imgur does misbehave from time to time. :cry:

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Just testing. Pink Floyd Animals in my library on my SSD.

Yeah, saved to photo library and displays correctly. Imgur side then!

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@SukieInTheGraveyard you sir get the solution badge. :+1:

Wish it was a Blue Peter badge I could give you.

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Nice image!

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Limited edition (a knock-off on eBay). Not mine though, I wasn’t good enough for Blue Peter :cry:

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Same problem here. Tried several times to share a link to music on Roon and all I got was a link to Imgur. No image, no data, no nothing.

What can I do? Thanks :pray:

When you share, do as you would do normally.

Click on ‘share via’

Click on ‘save to photos’ or similar

Post from you photos, it’ll look exactly like Imgur image.

Like this


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Thanks but painful process :fearful::fearful:

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Same issue here. Should not have it fill my phone with album pics to do this.


Yes, Spotify on the other hand is a 3 tap process. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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In the absence of Imgur I tend to save to my OneDrive account. This way it doesn’t save to the device, just the cloud. It’s still a long winded way around!

But means juggling two apps so not really an advantage.

Spotify I reference is 3 simple taps, no saving to device and then paste link here.


Spotify does not have the same SQ as Qobuz unfortunately:(

Agreed, but I use Spotify when in the car or with AirPod Pros. It has its uses.

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