Simultaneous Support Audio Hat and USB

Is the Ropiee software on Raspberry Pi4 capable of simultaneously supporting audio out of hat and the usb port if both are enabled?

Yes. Ten Characters.

This works very well and will appear as two endpoints in Roon. I have used that configuration for years to drive an IQAudio HAT and a meridian USB DAC via the Pi.

Thank you - I appreciate it.

I was about to ask the same question. I have a slight twist. I have Roon playing through a Digione hat and other audio (DLNA of JRiver, Mac Browser play of SiriusXM) through USB.

I’m wondering if I should just route everything through USB? Or maybe do it the other way around (Roon through USB and everything else through the Allo)?

I had tried this without the Raspi 4 and straight from my Mac Mini to the DAC via USB and Roon didn’t like it.

I’m glad I found this answer, before asking it again. I’m getting ready to do the RoPieeeXL update on my touchscreen endpoint and was curious. On the previous RoPieeeXL version, I was running a HiFiBerry DAC2 Pro HAT in a double-wide SmartPi case. This worked great but a few months ago, I decided to add my iFi Nano iDSD USB DAC to the mix for native DSD decoding. Well, doing that worked but I had no Roon display for the iFi Nano, but for the HiFiBerry, the display still functioned fine. I checked the forum and found out I would need to re-flash it for the display to work with a USB DAC. So I figured I would just wait for when I did the big update, which has been almost a year now, ooops. Anyhoo, glad I found my answer before I start tearing down my Pi build so I can get to the SD slot. I will miss the bluetooth function of the previous RoPieeeXL but oh well. I love RoPieeeXL and use it everyday. Thank you so much for making RoPieee and RoPieeeXL, Harry!!!

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@spockfish , I just did the RoPieeeXL update and it went great! I also discovered an item that I would classify as a nice to know item. There can be more than one Roon Zone with the same name. That was my earlier problem, no display for the USB output. After discovering this tweak, I now have two Roon Zones for the RoPieee and they each have a different DAC configured. As long as the Zone names are exactly same, all works good. I do use different icons in Roon, to see a difference between the two. I’m gonna miss the bluetooth feature, but I only used it rarely. This new one is working great so far. Thank you again, Harry !!! :sunglasses: BTW, I just dropped a few bucks in yer instrument case, have a good one, sir!

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