Simultaneous Support Audio Hat and USB

Is the Ropiee software on Raspberry Pi4 capable of simultaneously supporting audio out of hat and the usb port if both are enabled?

Yes. Ten Characters.

This works very well and will appear as two endpoints in Roon. I have used that configuration for years to drive an IQAudio HAT and a meridian USB DAC via the Pi.

Thank you - I appreciate it.

I was about to ask the same question. I have a slight twist. I have Roon playing through a Digione hat and other audio (DLNA of JRiver, Mac Browser play of SiriusXM) through USB.

I’m wondering if I should just route everything through USB? Or maybe do it the other way around (Roon through USB and everything else through the Allo)?

I had tried this without the Raspi 4 and straight from my Mac Mini to the DAC via USB and Roon didn’t like it.