Simultaneous Tidal Logins

Two weeks ago, I went on a fishing trip and brought by iphone with Tidal App to listen to my favorite streaming service. After I was very far away and using the service via a good coverage, the app failed and indicated that I had another device logged in and running and halted the playback. Then I realized that I left my Roon running in radio mode back at home, and it was using my Tidal subscription to play the radio. So, obviously, I should have “turned off” my Tidal use in the Roon app while I was away so I could use my Tidal subscription while away from home.

Question, is there a simple “on/off” switch for Tidal in Roon. In the Tidal subscreen, there is a “logout” and a “disable” button. Anyone have any experience on how to temporarily disable Tidal in Roon while away trying to use Tidal HiFi away from home?

I had the same problem a few times.
Logged into Roon via VPN and shut the radio off.

Sounds simple enough. TY