Since Saturday, April 10 // Slow loading of HIRES files DSD & when Sample rate conversion is used

Roon core version 1.8 (Buils 783) 64 bit. Windows 10 20H2 19042.906 experience pack 120.2212.551.0

Internet over 4G (T-Mobile 4G Huawei desktop router, NOT a telephone hotspot solution); pc’s connected with ethernet cable to Ubiquity router connected with ethernet cable to T-Mobile 4G router.

PC to DAC connection is by shielded USB cable (audioquest, Supra).

Description Of Issue

Since last weekend I experience slow loading of files when using sample rate conversion (same problem with native DSD higher than 64).
When I switch sample rate conversion off / Compatibility only streaming seems to work ok.

Strange because I have used the DSP sample rate conversion without problems the last couple of weeks. I have used PCM upsampling to max and max (power of 2) [iFi Zen Dac signature] and have been streaming DSD native up to 256 [iFi Zen DAC] without problems.

Slow loading issue began around Saturday April 10.

Is this a known issue? Worked well for weeks (no changes to setup made) and suddenly became a problem.

Any solution to this?

Additional problems now occuring. I am trying to play a Tidal MQA album
(Sample rate conversion switched off)

Slow loading occurs and after a few seconds playing song halts and skipt to next song. This happens continuously.

What’s going on?

HiRes streaming now works as intended (+Sample rate conversion, DSD native, MQA with core unfold). Apparently both Roon and Windows 10 were updating at the same time. For Roon this meant both core & all clients (WIN10, Android remote, etc.)

I have now learnt, also from my core server dealer (I use a non-Roon Linux Nucleus type nuc), that Sample rate conversion, MQA unfolding & native DSD file handling are vulnerable within the Roon ecosystem.

I hope this will improve after I get glassfibre DSL this summer (will also improve the speed of my internal network. I use a Ubiquity mesh).

Workaround = disable sample rate conversion for the (update) time being, switch from Tidal Masters to Tidal FLAC and save DSD native playing till all updating is completed.

Maybe I am too demanding (I even ‘polish’ internet radio by Sample converting the MP3 24 bit data to 32 bit + max. PCM for my DAC. I started streaming because of the existence of HiRes (anything above FLAC). All my DAC’s are USB-connected.

Bottom line is that I remain a big fan of Roon :wink:

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Hey @Hans_Van_den_Bent,

Thank you for choosing to share with us such detailed descriptions of both your setup and the behavior you’ve been experiencing.

I want to apologize that we took so long to reply, that you found the solution yourself. It is too long and I am sorry for the delay :pleading_face:

I appreciate you sharing your findings and workarounds as we improve Roon build by build.

Thank you for your trust and support! :pray:

We’re happy to have you as a Roon subscriber :nerd_face: