Since Windows update Roon doesn’t work

I have posted about issues with Windows updates in the past. But now what is happening is, I have removed Roon totally from my Toshiba laptop computer -reinstalled it and it loaded everything including graphics. It works fine,But once I shut down my computer and open it back up and try to load Roon,
It loads it without the artwork graphics and plays for about 10 seconds and then shuts down. I think I have seen where other people have had this issue as well. I am really getting tired of Roon seeming to not be compatible with windows. Please help.
Thank you.

It’s been a while, but I’ve seen this before. In my case, uninstalling the driver for my graphics card, rebooting, and then re-installing the driver fixed things. Good luck!

Hi @Gary_Schwartz1,

In the past we’ve seen that Windows Updates can affect both firewall and graphics drivers, causing them to have issues.

First, can you make sure that there are exceptions for Roon and RAATServer in place in your firewall settings?

Next, try uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics drivers and let us know if that helps.

If you’re still seeing any issues please give us some additional information about your machine (CPU, GPU, version of Windows, etc.) and we’ll be happy to help!

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Thanks - your suggestion along with the other one fixed it. Very much appreciated. Thank you so much.


Thanks. It worked. And now it’s up and running sounding amazing as ever.


Hi Just to clarify firewall settings as I lost core connection following the 2020H2 update today, apart from RAATserver there is no process on my machine called Roon. I have RoonServer and RoonAppliance, enabling firewall connectivity for the latter restored remote access to the core, I’m unsure whether RoonServer needs firewall access or not, it appears not to be using any network access at present but are you able to clarify?

I am also having issues with Roon on my surface laptop since the last round of updates. I only use it as a remote but it’s very unstable and crashes a lot and has graphical issues. Reinstalling it makes no difference nor the drivers.

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