Single Albums From Box Sets


A little background , my original set up involved using a HDD as a USB Source to my streamer without a network, there are times when I will still need to use my library in that way so I am loathed to alter my file structure.

My file structure is

MusicLibrary>Classical> B > Beethoven etc as this best suits USB usage

I have many Box Sets that are comprised of a collection of single Albums. eg Anne Sophie Mutter / Karajan 1978 - 1988

Each album was released as a single album. In the past I have split off these albums and placed them into their appropriate Composer folder on my HDD. Roon has imported these discs OK but has failed to identify them and has also failed to create a composition for them

eg Mozart Violin Concertos 3 & 5 by Mutter . If I go to each album and re-identify the data comes in OK but that is painful to say the least.

I have many sets where I have left duplicates out . eg the same files of Pollini’s Beethoven Concertos would appear 3 times if I was not to do that . How does Roon handle this. It no doubt sees an incomplete set.

At the moment, my Compositions are incomplete as a result of this issue and the Composition view is near useless as I cannot trust its content. I can see performances are missing but in a 50K Classical collection , remediation is an extremely laboursome task and well nigh impossible to guarantee completeness.

Roon doesn’t seem to allow manual tag editing which may help so I will have do that externally . Even then I can’t guarantee completeness.

I suppose I could “re build” the big box sets from scratch but that too would be laboursome and would scramble the drive for USB usage.

Are there plans for better Box Set and Classical handling going forward.

I am floundering . At this stage I cannot depend on what I see to use Roon for my classical collection. I am still using my old JRiver system which can be customised to show views with personal requirements until I can resolve some of these import issues.

Any thoughts