Single Classical Album - One Copy DSF, One Copy 44.1 (Same Album)

As I have been ripping my DSD’s I noticed that if I have the same album in 44.1 (Redbook layer rip) the Track Listing is not correct.

You do not see all the movements and tracks separated out properly.

Once I removed the 44.1 version, then the DSD version displays movements and their associated tracks correctly.

An example is the Telac version of the Four Seasons by Martin Pearlman/Boston Baroque. It is a Hybrid SACD.

What do the directories look like for the two albums? Two separate folders?

[quote=“mike, post:2, topic:2243”]
What do the directories look like for the two albums? Two separate folders?[/quote]
Yes two separate folders in two different root folders (FLAC in one folder, DSD in another) then Artist/Album/Tracks.

Now yesterday I imported another DSF album that had the same album in FLAC (44) and the issue did not come up. Both albums looked fine, but yet the Telarc one did not. Strange. I will keep monitoring it as I have a few more DSD albums to rip.

How’s this looking @dshore – seen this again? I’d be interested to see both copies of the media if you think this is happening consistently.

Let me know if things are still as you described. If so, it would be great if you can zip up the media and send me a link, or send me a PM and I’ll give you a way to upload it directly to us.


Has not occurred again with the last batch of ripping…thanks for checking.