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I like to search Roon for tracks that I love & make a playlist for reference. How can I search Roon so as to capture all the tracks on Qobuz ?

eg. I see 47 separate tracks on Qobuz of “Love on a two way street”, but when I search under ‘Roon Tracks’, there is 15, which does not even include the most famous version by the Moments. When I search under ‘Roon Composers’, there are 6. I have yet to find a track where Roon has a full transfer that exactly mirrors Qobuz. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t. I see around a dozen exact matches and many variations of the title, e.g. Love Is a Two Way Street. I can only see the version you’re looking for on a single.

Can you share some screenshots?

Thanks for replying. Here’s 3 shots of Qobuz and 1 showing what I see in Roon searching under “Tracks” and another Roon searching under “Composers”.

Like everyone, I have found that the quality of the same track on different albums on Roon varies greatly. What I like to do therefore, is to load them all up on Roon, play a few seconds of each and save to my “Definitive Playlist”. what I feel is the current best version. In addition, and much more frustrating, is not being able to capture versions of the track that I never knew existed. For example, I have never heard of Don Morgan, nor did I know he had cut his version of LOATWS, however, I can’t see how a search of the song on Roon would ever tell me that.

I have the same experience. For this particular track I also get about 47 exact matches in Qobuz but 6 in roon.

I think what is going on is that when you seach on “track” in roon it is searching in your library not in Qobuz. In this case it is doing a string match on the track title. So to search on track and get a complete Qobuz list you would have had to have added the track to your roon library in the first place :crazy_face:.

On the other hand when you search on composition, roon searches in both your library and Qobuz but will only show matches that meet roon’s criteria of a “composition”. Most of the time this means that there has to be a match of composer(s) credits as well as title string. Unfortunately with many, many genres, even Classical, there are no composer credits either in Qobuz or added at ingestion by roon. Also even where there is a composer credit there can be many variations in spelling (sometimes hundreds) that roon has not been able to equivalence upstream so composition matches will also fail for that reason.

In this particular case I have only 6 composition matches in roon from Qobuz. So, for example, the Gloria Estafan cover has composer credits in Qobuz but the Moments do not.

I like to look for interesting covers as well so TBH I usually start from the Qobuz app rather than roon and favorite them into my library from that route. Then in roon it is possible to add missing composer credits and merge all your compositions (covers) together.

Most of the time this works but roon seems to use more criteria than composers when deciding if the track is composition in which case this method fails. I have never been able to figure out what the complete rules roon is using to decide whether a track is also a composition or not.

Thanks for the Favourite tip. I now have LOATWS in Qobuz mirrored in Tracks in Roon.

A couple of questions if I may:

  • per the attached, why do some tracks have the Qobuz and the Fav. icons & other the Fav. only ?

  • Before I embark on auditing eg. “I love you Porgy” or “My Funny Valentine”, is there a way to Favourite the Qobuz tracklist without clicking each track individually ?


I assume that when you say favorites you mean the square (roon) and round (Qobuz) icons on that screen shot? How did you get that screen? I don’t know how to get that screen or what they are really supposed to mean. I’m just guessing but I don’t think they are favorites, neither will they behave like favorites. They are just a “marker/indications” of some sort saying whether the track is a hard copy in your local library or a Qobuz link, or both? I don’t really know. Maybe some one else knows?

I know even less how the Qobuz app works. So I don’t know if you can batch favorite. Sorry to disappoint.

Thanks anyway. My queries are trivial for sure, but, of much greater interest, is whether Roon staff respond to it. An intern, with a few days training, could provide a satisfactory response, I’m sure.

If you post to the Support category, yes.

Oh I see, I haven’t been on here in ages and I assumed they monitored the forum.

Apparently repeatedly asking for a decent search function is futile and annoys Roon’s staff. Don’t get your hopes up.

Oh, I wouldn’t want to annoy them, believe me, I know what IT types are like. It sounds like I’ve innocently stumbled into a minefield. I’ll take Basil Fawlty’s admonition, and won’t mention the war again😱

:rofl: Do go on walking the minefield. I do. Annoyance is a two way street. :sunglasses:

Morning Roon Support, will 1.8 do anything to fix my issue ?


I’ll answer my own question. Nope, absolutely no change. Oh, well.

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