Single Tracks Displayed as Groupings (ref#WJUT43)

I can’t seem to get this album to display correctly. I think each track is getting grouped as its grouping, as if each track is a “work” with a single movement. I have unmatched the album with Roon’s DB and tried preferring local metadata. I think my tags are correct.

Hi @Bryce_Lambert,

Just to clarify, within the Album Editor window, what do you have selected at the bottom under “Multi-Part Composition Grouping”? What happens if you disable multi-part compositions entirely? Roon will attempt to reconstruct this information from other metadata fields if you’ve selected “prefer file” but it can’t locate this information.


Whether that’s set on the album to prefer the file or Roon doesn’t make a difference.

Select “Disable multi-part compositions on this album” next and re-scan this album.

I think this should ‘fix’ the display issue - but I’d like to know what is pushing Roon to think it’s dealing with multi-part compositions for this album:man_shrugging:

Bad public metadata, prolly.

Thanks. Unfortunately that didn’t work. I re-scanned multiple times and unmatched the album from roon metadata. Strange for a pretty well-known album with a standard tracklisting.

Well, that is weird… If I were you, I might restart my Roon server.

Yup, a server restart fixed it.


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