Single user option so my current music stays no matter what endpoint I switch to

Hopefully I have not missed this function somewhere.

What I would like is an option to turn on a “single user” inside Roon.

Meaning that when I switch endpoints which I do often during the day, my current playlist or album stays put and I can just continue exactly where I left off from the last endpoint.

I realize the reasoning behind present system, Roon multi zone ability for lots of users at lots of endpoint all doing their own thing.

Which is why I would like to see a toggle switch in settings so Roon knows that only I use Roon in this house so don’t mess with my music between endpoint changes.

And if this exists and I missed it please enlighten me!
Thank you.

You can switch to a different zone anytime and keep listening to where you were on the old zone. On the attached screenshot, the “forward-and-backward arrow” icon on the pop-up panel I got by clicking on the lower-right speaker icon would allow me to switch to any of my other zones.


I will have to try that, always wondered what those arrows were for…lol

I thought there had to be some way to do what I wanted.

I kinda like the idea though, why couldn’t we have an “audiophile single endpoint mode” where the queue and endpoints are non-multi zoned?
That could simplify multittasking and allow the core to focus on one stream and not allow for several streams.

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To what benefit?

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Less overhead, less multitasking nearing a real time kernel. I’m not saying this will revolutionize anything, it’s more of a “here, now shut up!” to us that believe we can hear differences between streaming transoprts et al. :smiley:

If it really made a difference and the SQ really mattered to you that much you would be using other ‘audio’ OS that have such features and claim such benefits. Rock/Nucleus is already highly optimised according to Roon (ROCK Whitepaper refers). You know as well as I do that the same bits get delivered to the endpoint over Ethernet, however they are served. Any server (whatever the OS) that behaves differently is broken and unfit for purpose.
Apologies to the OP we are now well and truly OT.

If it makes you feel better, heres another scenario where a “single zone/queue” might be handy. But i appreciate your concern for my perception… :wink:

As of now, you loose the queue if an endpoint becomes unavailable. This might be unexpected or simply down to myself shutting down the DAC on the end of a Roon Bridge. And you can’t redirect the queue from an endpoint which isn’t active.