Singles in "Recommended For You" from Overview not what i expected

I want to give Recommended For You a try, and I am a singles/playlist guy (rarely whole albums), so how do I play the recommended singles as a set? Or do i have to add each one individually to the queue? (in Overview)


Oh, okay. Once you start selecting them a Play button appears. For some reason that was not obvious to me.

Interesting… these are Releases that someone (record company) has classified as “Singles” but sometimes they have more than one song on them. Roon is seeing them as mini albums and plays all the songs.

I was mistakenly thinking these were single songs selected off of albums… more like “popular songs”, not “Singles” as a type of release.

I was thinking it was more like “Tracks” under the TIDAL section of Roon.


Nope. Singles in Roon has always referred to the singles release. For example, if I purchased Lindsay Buckingham’s Single of “Holiday Road”, it also comes with the B-side. That is part of the single. Digitally, that has flexed a bit, and the line between Single with 3 or 4 tracks and EP is a bit fuzzy, imho.

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