Siri integration via Sirikit

In iOS 13, Apple is opening its Sirikit to 3rd party apps. Apps like Spotify, Pandora, etc will be able to use Siri to play music.

I would like to see Roon enable this functionality.

Scenario: I want to play the Beatles Let it Be. I activate Siri and say something like ‘Play the Beatles Let it Be on Roon.’


This would be incredibly valuable for the vision impaired.

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Hi, this has been addressed in the past, I believe the outcome was something along the lines of they have managed to get it working however the user experience wasn’t up to scratch.

I can control Roon to a degree with my Google home once I have started playback through a remote. Volume up/down and next track work fine.

similar to what @Paul_Whittaker mentioned, i have basic functionality (play, pause, mute) implemented via HomeAssistant and it’s HomeKit and Roon plugin - however the usability is very limited.

The difference now is that Apple will give app developers direct access to Siri so the results should be much better from a Ux perspective.


+1 on Feature request. I could get Siri working with Roon on few simple commands using http api extension, now this would bring a whole new dimension.

Would also hugely appreciate this!!!

Have eventually succumbed to Siri, it would be nice to have it do more in Roon than just open the app!