Sit0 tab on RoonOS

Hi, Just installed RoonOS Build 220, and have a new tab for a sit0 interface. It has a toggle to Enable, as default was Disabled.
Then once Enabled, it can be DHCP driven or given a StaticIP.
At present, all fields (IP & submask, Gateway, DNS addresses) all

So what can we do with this simple internet transition? Is there support for IPv6 coming, and you need to add a 6to4 tunnel for using IPv6 over an existing IPv4 connection?

sit is the 6to4 tunnel. I’m running ipv6 on my network but the interface doesn’t seem to grab an address. Perhaps it’s preparation for the future…

It was a mistake. It’ll be gone in the next build (221). It’s on my list to support IPv6, but not today.


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