Size of Internet radio station tiles

Why so big?
Size of tiles don’t seem to respect the “Allow more covers and photos” setting.


And the option of a list or details view that we can put in desired order manually or alphabetically. At least a vertical view of the icons so there is more room for text to the right of each tile.

Or just an option for a list. I don’t REALLY need a bloody great icon for the radio station.

That said, radio is working very well for some stations :slight_smile:

Radio is getting a major overhaul in a future release (this year hopefully) so I expect this will be addressed.

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IMO anywhere there are “Tiles” (large pictures, horizontally scrolling) there should be view option for “List” (tabular format with small pictures, vertically scrolling).

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Hallo Everybody! This is my first try to write in the Community forum. I am using a trial version of Roon
and a laptop and a tablet.
I find the internet radio icons way to big and it would be nice to be able to choose the size (like thumbnails in photo albums) For example ex small, small medium, large and ex large.