Sizes of used fonts are very small

Hi, for Roon control I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet of 10.1 inch. Really like the information that is delivered to the music.
Reading of text is a problem. The fonts are very very small. The body of texts like artist information are below 2 mm. Subtexts are even in a size of a little over 1 mm. I never need glasses for any reading but this size is very uncomfortable. A text body size of 3 mm is regarded as comfortable for longer reading.
There is no way to influence the size in the app or the scale in the Samsung.
Please provide in a way to scale the font to a bigger size. (More than 30% of the width of the screen and columns are available as blanc area.)

The tablet is updated from Adroid 6 to 7 and the problem of small (and smallest) letters stays.
Roon does not look at the scaling of text as defined in the display section of Android.
Also sizes cannot be influenced from Roon itself. So I cannot infuence sizes as I would like.