Skip applause or conversations with the audience

In some albums, there are tracks containing parts that we do not always want to listen to (long applause, comments or conversations with the audience, etc.).
Could it be possible to indicate to Roon to play only the musical parts of these tracks by entering the precise moment at which we would like to stop playing the track (possibly with a fade-out) - and, for some tracks, the moment at which the track should start?

I’m not sure this helps but when we record live gigs at The Little Rabbit Barn, we edit the applause and intro chats into separate tracks.
Then in Roon I select all the Music Tracks as ‘Pick Tracks’. Now I can just play picks and omit the intros. Unfortunately this music is not commercially available.
Of course this doesn’t help if your not in control of the recording.

Thank you Chris. But if the intro chats and applause correspond to a track, I can ban them with the heart icon. My question concerns the chats and applause that are within a musical track…

I don’t see this as within Roon’s remit. I’d suggest you get a free audio editor and chop the stuff you don’t want out. If the album was previously identified you should still be able to get the identification to work with some manual help.

I must say I never realized how some Live albums include the intro to the next song as part of the track at the tail end of the current song. This can be disorienting when listening to individual tracks in Random Play. Never knew this.

This is why we chop them into individual tracks. We want the recording as an archive but don’t wish to play them every time.
I say this as I listen to Rebekah Pulley direct from the desk. We havnt even cut this to tracks. But it still sounds great. Time… Need more time…

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An example is the last (and great) album by Charlie Haden (Time/Life): the last 50 seconds of the first track consist in Haden introducing his band and commenting the title. Although this part is very touching (I think it is his last live appearance), I sometimes like to listen to the musical part of the track only.
What I did yesterday with the Charlie Haden album was to duplicate the first track: the original one (with Haden’s comments) is now an additional track (banned, but that I can listen to if I want), and the first track is replaced by the edited track (without the spoken part). And it works with Roon: the album is still recognized.
I just wondered if allowing this kind of operation (i.e., deciding for some tracks when they should start and end) would be easy to implement in Roon or not. But I agree with you: this is surely not a top priority.

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iTunes allows you to control the starting and ending points of tracks. This would be a nice feature to be added to roon, and I believe would address this issue (though manually).